Exceptionally Valuable Domain Name “Y.De” To Bring Untold Glory

Have you been searching for a domain name which will be exclusive to your reputed enterprise, or unique to your name, only to discover that no suitable domain name can be found or purchased?

Premium domain names are exceptionally rarely available for sale, and even more rarely are they available for claiming by an initial user. Your domain name must be chosen carefully and invested into generously. Your domain name, an integral part of the internet function, is a direct representation of you and your online presence.

We are offering the unique and exciting opportunity for the auction of an exclusively premium and high-value domain name, which will be up for immediate sale for prospective businesspeople, enterprise executives and private individuals.

This is an exceptionally high-class domain name, only available for a select class of exclusive prospective buyers, because its premium quality has made it a subject of international interest, and it has an exceptionally high perceived multi-million-dollar value to match its desirability.

The unusually rare, one-letter premium domain name “Y.De” is currently available for sale to a select, premium audience. The essential attractive features which make this domain eminently valuable are:

  • Concise length, with only one letter before dot and two letters after the dot.
  • The significance of letters “Y” and “De” for world’s most prominent Chinese businesses and wealthy Chinese individuals.

Short domain names are more memorable than others, and therefore become extremely popular. Even purchasing any domain name within six letters requires extensive bidding and they are always priced in hundreds of thousands of dollars because today’s competitive internet industry has primarily dominated and taken control of most premium short domain names. Whereas this domain, having only a single letter before the dot, and only two letters following the dot, is of extremely high value and exceptionally rare to be available for auction.

This domain name also does not contain any hyphens or numbers, which is recommended by domain speculators to multi-million-dollar industries when selecting a domain name. This is because they rank lower in the search engine, are less memorable, and are not a safe or profitable investment. This further propagates the value of the domain which only comprises of 3 letters and a single dot.

Special Significance of Y.De

The significance of this domain is exceptionally eminent for Chinese conglomerates, magnates, and wealthy individuals, due to the unique importance of the letters “Y” and “De”. The names of a number of the most prosperous and most successful Chinese names and businesses in the world begin with the letter Y. Here are a few prominent examples of this statement:

Yao Zhenhua Net worth USD 9.5 Billion
Jia Yueting Net worth USD 4.5 Billion
Hui Ka Yan Net worth USD 10.2 Billion
Shi Yuzhu Net worth USD 3.7 Billion
Liu Yongxing Net worth USD 6.9 Billion
Yu Yong Net worth USD 3.1 Billion
Wu Yajun & family Net worth USD 5.9 Billion
Qin Yinglin Net worth USD 2.0 Billion
Yang Huiyan Net worth USD 9.0 Billion
Yi Zheng Net worth USD 2.0 Billion
Liu Yongxing Net worth USD 6.6 Billion
Zhang Yue Net worth USD 1.9 Billion
Liu Yonghao Net worth 4.6 Billion USD
Chi Yufeng Net worth USD 1.6 Billion

If your name begins with the letter Y, this domain will be an exclusive extension of your persona and your identity online. With only the letter Y before the dot, it will represent you prominently in the online world as a most memorable domain name which will be exclusively yours in the digital world.

The word “De” has an extraordinary and positive meaning as well, which makes “Y.De” even more valuable than other similar domain names. “De” represents the attributes of virtue, excellence, and the inner moral power through which a person can positively influence others.

One’s “De” relates to their charismatic power and the ability to elicit positive and influential response amongst others. The “DaoDeJing” text of philosophy from Daoism, composed in 300 BC, maintains that “De” is a moral power of influence on an ostentatious, superhuman level. “De” is indicative of the creative power of the Dao (The Natural Way). In Taoism, the concept of “De” translates to inherent human power and strength and the inherent character, whereas in Confucianism as well, it denotes moral character, moral strength, and virtuousness.

The Hanyu Da Zidian defines twenty meanings for “De”, including rising, ascending, and denoting of a wise/enlightened individual and gratitude. English Orientalist and Sinologist Arthur Waley believe that “De” is better translated to “power” than virtue, whereas Linguist Victor Mair maintains that “De” is best translated as “integrity”, and represents “the selfhood of every being in the universe”.

This valuable domain name attaches your letter “Y” to the incredibly virtuous and auspicious word “De”, thereby connecting a realm of prosperity and fortune to your name and online presence. Imagine handing over your exclusive business card bearing your domain name “Y.De” in golden letters. You are immediately communicating your online identity to the world as one of incredibly high virtue, power, and glory, and connecting these valuable attributes to your name or the name of your company.

It is undoubtedly that this domain will bring you a wealth of honour and glory due to the powerful word “De” attached to the representative letter “Y”.

The Value of Y.De

The many extraordinary features of “Y.De” make it an exceptionally outstanding and high-class premium domain, which is unlikely to lose its value for a long time to come. Its actual value is priceless because no other domain connoting such a prestigious and honourable name exists, and it will not lose its tangible benefit in the long run. The purchase of this domain is equivalent to investing in property in a very prime location. Exclusive premium domain prices are continuing to grow by the day, with domain names purchased even a few years ago now having risen in worth by millions of Dollars.

Domain names are now an integral part of any business in the swiftly growing world of digitalism. The average, standardly premium domain, typically valued at 20,000 dollars, however the domain “Y.De” is infinitely more valuable and prized possession. The likes of this domain have been sold to fortunate buyers in values of millions of dollars. A prime example of a domain equivalent to the worth of “Y.De” is the recent sale of the domains ”z.com”, and “whisky.com”.

Z.com was purchased in 2014 by GMO Internet, Inc., one of Japan’s leading Internet service providers. Z.com was acquired from the Nissan Corporation for $6.8 Million. The sale of whisky.com was another similar blockbuster sale. This sale was made by the legendary domain visionary Michael Castello for $3.1 Million in 2014. All existing domain names up for sale, which are featuring common words or letters, comprising of less than six letters, are worth millions of dollars.

With these prime examples before us, we have therefore estimated the price of this auspicious domain to be no less than USD 12 Million, as befits its unique properties and extreme value.

This $12 Million Domain Name Is Worth Every Penny. Why?

As other investment verticals are promoted and strategized, whether they be real estate or the stock market, a premium, multimillion-dollar domain name is an incredibly valuable asset. Considering the relentless growth of the internet, domain names are swiftly making their way to becoming the only genuinely limited investment vertical of the current period.

Millions of domain names are bought and sold each year in auctions once their prices have risen a considerable amount. This process of buying and selling domain names has given rise to a unique industry comprised of countless domain name investors, many of whom rank among the wealthiest people in the world.

The longer that an individual retains a domain name, the more it’s worth increases as prospective buyers become interested in either obtaining the desired domain name for their business/ corporation, or receiving it from investing in it, and auctioning it later at an opportune time.

As discussed previously, even a standard domain name is bound to cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Domain names which are relatively more desirable due to specific features (e.g., memorable or comfortable words, shorter domain names) are considered premium domain names and easily cost thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars.

This Is The Age of The Premium Domain Names

Consider the figures of today. According to a 2016 study by NASDAQ: VSRN, there are currently 326.4 million domain names registered worldwide. This means that the chances of organically finding a previously unavailable domain comprising of your desired word/words/letters are incredibly slim. Most of the standard or simple domain names were snapped up years ago. The good news is that these first domain registrants are sometimes willing to part with these highly esteemed domains – as long as the price is right. Some domain sales are so historically legendary that even people unfamiliar with this industry are aware of it. For instance, business.com sold in 1999 for the whopping sum of $7.5 million, because it was worth every penny.

Here are some of the reasons why premium domain names are worth the considerable amount of money they cost:

  • An active domain history means that you are immediately guaranteed good reputation, valuable link juice, and impressive traffic statistics. You are liable to enjoy a higher page ranking in search engines and immense numbers of organic traffic.
  • Premium domain names such as DE match words or initials of individual recognizable names, products, industries, services geographic locations or ideas. Such domain names are instant online brands, saving you considerable amounts of time and money on marketing.

For premium domain names, you are assured to have high search volume. Y.De would come up on the first page of any search engine’s results when doing all manners of relevant and even irrelevant searches.

Domains comprising of short names or acronyms are easy to remember and easily memorable.

Some domain names comprise of words or initials that directly work as brand names or the names of initials of prominent individuals.

And lastly, and most importantly:

  • High quality, premium domain names which are priced upwards of multiple millions of dollars are in high demand, because they are incredibly safe and reliable investments, especially when compared to other similarly large investment verticals.

Why Is Y.De The Ideal Investment?

Because the domain Y.De has been tentatively priced at the perceived mark of USD 12 Million may cause some potential buyers to feel a certain amount of hesitation or fear when making such a significant purchase.

However, this feeling only hinders decision-making when it comes to investing in domain names. For a large population of investors, a real estate property, or a valuable painting/sculpture by a historically renowned artist, or a sizeable stock with promising futures, would be a far easier vertical to invest in as compared to a domain name that costs the same exact amount of money.

The reason behind this irrational comparison stems from the fact that domain names are not, in fact, tangible, physically present assets, being available only online in the form of digital, virtual information. Whereas other investment verticals typically comprise of actual physical “real” substances, and this causes prospective investors to feel a more considerable amount of perceived safety when investing in said physically existing verticals.

However, this is a false sense of safety, as, in the present modern era, the security of your investment is no longer dependent on these aspects at all. In fact, investing in a domain name, is now considered far safer than investing in a property of the same value, and you are likely to experience a swift, and even exponential growth in the value of your investment in the years to come.

Furthermore, there is absolutely an incomparable difference between how much the two separate assets would increase in value over a given period. Domain names are growing in importance steadily, with domains which were bought even ten years ago for a few thousand dollars is worth upwards of $1 Million today.

This sort of exponential growth cannot be enjoyed with the purchase of any other investment vertical except for virtual assets because the internet is the future of property and people across the world are vying to get their hands on the most popular and desirable “virtual properties”.

Buying or investing in a valuable domain such as Y.De may seem like an incredibly costly buy today, but thousands of prudent buyers are investing in domains so that they can leave a lasting mark on this digital world which we are all slowly becoming integrated with entirely.

Consider the limitlessly exponential expansion of the internet (which shows absolutely no signs of slowing down let alone stopping). In September 2014, LiveScience approximated that there are no less than 1 billion websites on the internet, a number which has undoubtedly risen considerably in the past three years. What’s more, the data on the web has now entered the “zettabyte era”, meaning that there is more than one zettabyte (1 sextillion bytes) of data currently amassed on the internet, and all predictions point towards this number only growing in spades.

Property on the internet is selling out fast, and this is making this virtual property endlessly valuable and desirable. Those who realize the real worth of a unique, rare premium domain name are increasingly willing to purchase it for millions of dollars because they understand the likelihood of this value growing, or at the very least, not decreasing in worth.

Historical Significance of This Opportunity

For centuries unending, men have fought for power and glory. The most significant power struggle of all time has been between Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and the Sun family, as the three kingdoms tried to outdo each other for supreme rulership of the Middle Kingdom. Men didn’t just want to be the best during their times; they wanted to be remembered for life. It was for a similar reason that Emperor Qin Shi Huang sanctioned the sculpting of the terracotta warriors, “for they will fight my wars when I get to the underworld”, he had said to himself. Hence he commissioned statues buried deep in the belly of the earth, to fight with him in the afterlife. Life is transient, but men have always searched for an elixir of immortality, but they also realized that no one could live forever.

So, men said to themselves, ”let us buy cars and sell them off as classics in the years to come; let us build castles that reach the skies and make it the tallest building and be known forever”. Unfortunately, cars go old and squeaky, and just when you have developed a tall structure; another brand lays the foundation to build something taller. The race of life is an endless one; one thing somehow finds a way to outdo the other. But the golden question is, what will survive it all? What will be my legacy?

This is the most exclusive domain up for sale in the market, and I guarantee it won’t be out in the wild for long. Your company gets to be mentioned in the same fold as Tesla or GMO. Business is about the association, and the type of people you can attract is proportional to the kind of money you can make.

Think about the money you fork out for advert every year, every single year. Y.De is a one-time investment on which the marketing framework of your brand will be built on, and it will be yours forever.

Who Needs Y.De?

  1. Yachting companies. With the high influx of wealthy Chinese individuals entering the yachting business, the need for premium domains like this will only increase.
  2. Companies which start with the letter Y. Dozens of Chinese companies begin with the letter Y, lots of them are listed on NASDAQ.
  3. Chinese Multi-Billionaires whose name starts with the letter Y.
    This is a list which keeps swelling by the day; a billionaire will undoubtedly fancy one to stand out from his fellow billionaires.
  4. Companies that want to rebrand. Have you ever asked yourself why GMO bought Z.com? There was no direct correlation with their name, but they were visionary people, and they saw what such a short domain would do for them, and they seized the moment.

Benefit From This Unbelievable Opportunity

As domain names are primarily addressed to enable users of the internet to find each other, the most common names, words, and letters, the ones which already exist in our minds, are the ones that come with high leverage as well as a frequent trust factor. The domain Y.De is currently ranking amongst the most valuable and highly desirable domains worldwide. The news of this extremely rare domain going up for auction is now making its rounds within some of the wealthiest investors and business corporations rings, and the domain has already accumulated significant interest among these groups.

Investing in this multi-million-dollar domain will allow a single individual or a single enterprise with money and resources to become a significant player in a multitude of verticals. Purchase of this domain will enable the buyer to dominate a vast marketplace, making this a globally considerable opportunity. Whether one chooses to use this domain and enjoy the countless benefits of using such as desirable domain with a remarkable history and promising popularity and value factor, or whether one chooses to purchase it as an investment vertical, either way, Y.De is currently amongst the wisest investment options available.

In Closing

With the sustained growth of the internet over the years regarding widespread acceptability even in African countries, coupled with telecommunication companies fiddling with the idea of 5G networks; the internet will only get more robust. As a consequence, premium domains are poised to becoming the only real investment verticals in the years to come. Just like a limited edition classic car: they will only get more valuable with age.

Domain auctions are now a significant and frequent event in China and everywhere on the globe; buyers frequently jostle with each other in their bid to get their prized possession. Premium names are sold in millions of dollars directly to corporate organizations, high net-worth individuals, or to brokers who are aware that they can never make a loss on the domain. The key features which set most domains apart from the rest are usually the length of the words and the ease of pronunciation.

Sale of domains has now become a subject which the internet is always indexing, and any prospective buyer of Y.De is guaranteed to benefit from the press that this domain will generate. Businesses have been paying top dollar for domains because they know its worth. Insure.com exchanged hands for a $16M in 2009, and even more, have sold above that price point.

Y.De will command a similar price, and we hope you can be a part of it all. This domain is available for purchase by individuals or parties who wish to buy directly from the owner.